05/05/2017 13:20 BST

Scottish Local Election Result 'Shock' As Tories Gain In Glasgow From Labour

Labour has lost control of the city.

Labour has lost overall control of Glasgow city council for the first time in 40 years, as the party suffered defeats in local elections across the country.

The SNP are looking to make gains in the city and possibly capture a majority.

In a surprise result, Labour also lost one Glasgow seat to a 20-year-old Conservative candidate.

Speaking to the Press Association, Thomas Kerr said he was “shocked” to have ousted Labour from the Shettleston seat. It is the first time a Tory has been elected there.

“When you stand as a candidate into east end of Glasgow for the Conservative Party you don’t expect something like this to happen,” he said.

The Scottish Conservatives under Ruth Davidson are hoping to make significant advances in the local elections ahead of the June 8 general election.

Former Glasgow Labour MP Tom Harris told Sky News his old party was suffering as a result of the Scottish independence debate.

“We were not forgiven then and we’ve not been forgiven yet, and as along as the debate in Scotland focuses exclusively on the constitutional issue Labour just does not have a horse in that race,” he said. “We’re not saying anything that appeals either to independence supporters or union supporters, we’re stuck in the middle.”

Across England, Wales and Scotland 4,851 council seats were contested on Thursday.

Theresa May’s Conservative Party has made sweeping gains as many Ukip voters return to the Tories.