30/08/2017 13:17 BST

Sebastian Gorka Explained Why He Left The White House And He Still Makes No Sense

Maybe this is why he was never given a security clearance...

Sebastian Gorka has graced the right-wing friendly airwaves to explain why he left the White House last week.

The former national security aide is still insisting he resigned but his account was contradicted by officials at the time who said “he did not resign but he no longer works” for the Donald Trump administration. 

The “pushed out” account itself was called a “lie” in an Breitbart “exclusive” which alleged a “low-level staffer inflated her credentials to push inaccurate information”.

Towards the end of the article is a line that states it “appears Sadler was just following orders, blasting out quotes she was told to send out by higher-ups” which is exactly what the job of a “low-level press staffer” entails.

Gorka, it should be noted, is set to return to Breitbart.

Speaking to Michael Savage on Tuesday, Gorka had the opportunity to explain why he left the White House.

Things started off badly when the host misheard his guest’s opening line which was identical to the one in the tweet below.