20/03/2018 13:00 GMT

Cynthia Nixon Runs For New York Governor: Miranda's Best 'Sex And The City' Quotes

Her finest one-liners from 'Sex And The City'.

Former ‘Sex And The City’ actress Cynthia Nixon is officially in the running to become Governor of New York.

She announced her campaign on Monday night (19 March), sharing her first campaign video, along with a tweet that simply read: “I love New York, and today I’m announcing my candidacy for governor.”

Cynthia is best known for her portrayal of Miranda Hobbes in ‘Sex And The City’, a role for which she bagged an Emmy in 2004 (presented to her, intriguingly, by none other than ‘The Apprentice’ star Donald Trump, whose career has also taken an unpredictably political turn in recent years).

If Cynthia is going to thrive in the world of politics, she’s going to need a few trusty soundbites to get voters on board, and given that Miranda was always the most level-headed and rational of the ‘Sex And The City’ girls, we reckon a quick flick through her old scripts wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world.

Here are just a few of Miranda Hobbes’ pearls of wisdom…

Miranda Hobbes on... maintaining relationships

Miranda Hobbes on… religion

Miranda Hobbes on… challenging gender stereotypes

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Miranda Hobbes on… rising to a challenge

Miranda Hobbes on… there being a time and a place for diplomacy

Miranda Hobbes on... never sugar-coating a difficult message


Miranda Hobbes on… foreign policy

Miranda Hobbes on... the tough questions


Miranda Hobbes on... how to cope in troubled times

Miranda Hobbes on… never entering a debate until you’re fully prepared

Miranda Hobbes on... always being your true authentic self


Miranda Hobbes on… running mate Sarah Jessica Parker?

Let’s just hope Cynthia’s first public address goes better than this infamous Miranda speech...

Here’s to you, Cynthia Nixon...

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