13/02/2017 12:14 GMT | Updated 13/02/2017 12:14 GMT

This Sexcercise Calculator Tells You How Many Calories You Burn During Sex (And The Equivalent In Gym Terms)

We're going back to bed.

Now we’re not saying that staying under the duvet is always preferable to going to the gym (although let’s face it, it definitely is).

But sadly, time spent horizontal in bed does not maketh the bikini bod. 

Or so we thought.

Now a new sex calculator, from Push Doctor, is showing us just how many calories we are burning, how much weight we are losing and the percentage of our weekly physical activity we are achieving between the sheets.

And these love-life heroes aren’t just doing this for a bit of fun, they are trying to answer the question, does sex really count as proper exercise?


The tool is based on findings from several studies, including one from scientists at the University of Quebec in Canada, who compared the amount of energy used during sex to thirty minutes on the treadmill.

The researchers found that the amount of exertion did actually mean sex could be classed as a work out (although try telling your PT that). 

How does the tool work? 

All you need to do, is put in your weight, gender, and session time (no cheating here people) and it will show you the equivalent in walking, HIIT, running and weight lifting.

For example, for a ‘healthy’ female having sex for ten to fifteen minutes, you are able to burn 47 calories, lose 6g of body weight and complete 10% of your weekly physical activity. 

This exercise is the equivalent of three minutes of HIIT, five minutes of running or 12 minutes of weights at the gym, which isn’t too shabby if you ask us.

However, the calculation does need to be taken with a pinch of salt, as it fails to take into account the specifics about how much you are personally contributing in terms of effort.

And we all know that lying back and thinking of England doesn’t exactly leave you breathless.