20/06/2016 14:03 BST

Shark Dies In Dominican Republic After Being Dragged From Sea For Selfies

Footage shows the creature writhing around as it's pulled from the water.

A blue shark has died after being pulled out of the water so tourists and lifeguards could take pictures with it.

In a video reportedly taken near the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, a group of men can be seen dragging the struggling blue shark out of the sea.

One even appears to put a life ring into the creature’s mouth.

Images later appeared on social media of people posing with the shark, including men in Hard Rock t-shirts and a number of young children.

The Dodo reported that the shark lost its life in the incident.

The Hard Rock Hotel chain said that the staff involved would be facing "appropriate action" over the incident.

Many people voiced their outrage over the incident on social media...

This is not the first time an animal has died under such circumstances.

Earlier this year, a dolphin died after it was taken from the sea and paraded around a beach so tourists could take selfies with it in Argentina.

A swan also reportedly died after a tourist dragged the animal from a lake in Macedonia so she could take a selfie with it.