How To Remove Foundation From Clothes Quickly

This surprising household product will come to the rescue.

Want to know how to remove makeup stains from clothes fast? read on.

Spilling it all over your sheets, smearing marks on your neckline, there’s no real way around accidental mess when it comes to foundation.

Luckily, a beauty vlogger has discovered an ingenious way of removing makeup from fabric using a bit of water and a common household product.

YouTuber Kalei Lagunero revealed how to get rid of all those foundation stains using nothing but water and a bit of shaving cream.

Simply apply shaving cream to the stained area, leave to soak, then rub it into the clothes using as much elbow grease as possible.

Next, rinse with cold water then repeat the shaving cream process.

Finally, rinse with hot water and the stain should (hopefully) have disappeared.

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