Shit At Shaving? We Get It But These Buys Will Make It Easier

Your pre and post shave products could be the difference between having beautiful or bumpy skin.
Everything you need to know for skin that's silky smooth and bump-free after shaving
Everything you need to know for skin that's silky smooth and bump-free after shaving

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When it comes to body hair, deciding whether to fully flaunt the fuzz, keep the tresses trimmed, or blitz it all in favour of baldness is totally down to personal choice. But if you do engage in a good shave now and then, then it’s important to make sure that you aren’t suffering for your smoothness.

From the dreaded bikini line burn, to those little under-knee nicks that seem to bleed endlessly, shaving can be quite the treacherous task. But according to the hair removal rockstars at Estrid – it turns out that the right preparation and maintenance can ensure perfect and pain-free results.

Famous for their insta-worthy pastel razors, they’ve just released their brand new body care range, and have shared with us their top tips and tricks for ensuring our shaving efforts are no longer shambolic!

Always stay sharp

Just as knives and scissors become less effective if they aren’t sharp enough, dull blades are a common cause of scratches, cuts and skin irritations for people who shave.

Estrid creative lead, Dani Montano, says regularly changing your blade is key. “Depending on the size of the area you’re shaving, we recommend switching blades every five to seven uses for the best shaving experience.”

Exfoliate to ensure even results

If you want smooth post-shave results, then Montano says you’ve got to make pre-shave exfoliation a priority. “For the best results, you need to create a suitable surface for your razor to glide across by lifting dead skin cells from the skin, and removing ingrown hairs”.

By removing that top layer of dead skin cells, your razor can get even closer to the root of the hair – meaning you’ll be benefiting from an even closer shave.

Watermelon Jelly, All Glow'd Up, and Body Fluff
Watermelon Jelly, All Glow'd Up, and Body Fluff

Don’t ever waive the water

Let’s face it – we’ve all let a surprise heatwave or last-minute outfit change lead us to frantically shaving our legs over the sink just as we’re leaving the house. Even if you had time to splosh on a bit of water, chances are the next day your skin was rashy and uncomfortable.

If time is of the essence, then Montano says it’s okay to skip the exfoliation just this once – but the shaving gel is non-negotiable!

Moisture is magic

According to Montano, your routine doesn’t finish the second you put your razor down. “Leaving the shower doesn’t mean you’re finished! Lock in all your efforts by smoothing a hydrating moisturiser all over the skin.”

Regardless of whether you’ve shaved or not, moisturising your body after you shower is great for ensuring your skin stays hydrated. But it’s an even more important step to take post-shave, as your body will benefit from soaking up a nourishing and soothing formula.

Feeling inspired to upgrade your shave? Here are some of our favourite pre and post shave products.

Steer clear of strawberry skin with this scrub
So, it turns out that rubbing a scrub as rough as sand-paper into your skin isn’t necessarily the best way to exfoliate. Who’d ever have guessed?! If you struggle with dreaded strawberry skin, then look for products with chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid – rather than just really gritty textures.
Go green with a sustainable soap bar
Made from 99.5% natural ingredients, this gorgeous bar is enriched with coconut oil and shea butter to ensure your skin feels both soothed and moisturised while you shave. An eco-friendly option, simply rub the bar over damp skin to create a luxurious lather.
Stay nourished with this natural body butter
With its whipped texture, and soothing plant extracts of calendula and chamomile, this nourishing body butter is just what you need to lock-in maximum amounts of moisture post-shave. Your smooth skin will look and feel ultra supple!
Boost skin circulation and inhibit ingrown hairs
For reducing and preventing razor bumps, this bristle brush tool is the perfect chemical-free solution that can be used both wet or dry. Move the brush in straight lines against the hair’s grain in order to cleanse and unclog pores, and stop any pesky ingrowns from appearing.
Stay hydrated with this silky shaving cream
With shaving gels and foams often guilty of drying out the skin, it’s nice to see a cream alternative. Made with shea oil for instant nourishing, and shea butter for long-lasting moisture, you can even skip rinsing it off – and instead just let it soak in like a lotion.
Bag this balm for keeping bumps at bay
This leave-on balm is enriched with soothing 100% natural tea tree oil to prevent red spots, ingrown hairs, and rashes caused by shaving. Best of all, it’s dermatologically tested and pH balanced – so it’s totally safe to use this soothing aftershave balm on intimate areas like the bikini line.
Smooth out your skin with this glycolic acid lotion
As we’ve explained, having clear and hydrated skin will massively benefit how well your shave goes. Gentle yet super effective, this lightweight exfoliating built-up dead cells, in order to reveal smoother and softer skin underneath. Glycolic acid and shea butter really do make quite the duo…