Sheet Masks For Your Breasts Are The Latest Korean Beauty Product To Take Over The Internet

Courtney Love is a big fan.

Korean beauty products are officially taking over the internet - but one of the latest exports is raising a few eyebrows.

We all know the power of a good sheet mask (just look at those celebrity sheet mask selfies), so it was only a matter of time before cosmetic companies extended them to other body parts too.

There are sheet masks for under-eyes, lips, elbows and now... your breasts.

Some profess to boost the size of your breasts, while others - like the Bioxidea Miracle24 Breast Mask below - promise lifting and firming effects.

Despite an array of celebrity fans (Courtney Love claims they make her skin “crazy) it seems pretty unlikely a 15-minute sheet mask could live up to those grandiose claims.

Bioxidea Miracle24 Breast Mask, £42 from
Bioxidea Miracle24 Breast Mask, £42 from

The sheet masks’ state-of-the art fermented ingredients may leave your skin super hydrated, but if you’re looking for fuller or ‘lifted’ breasts then - as Buzzfeed so eloquently puts it - it’s probably “not the breast idea” to spend your money on these.


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