13/01/2017 15:12 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 15:18 GMT

'Sherlock: The Final Problem': 8 Questions We Need Answered In Episode 3 By Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman And Co

Is this it?

It’s hard to believe, because it feels like it’s only just begun, but the end is already nigh for this, possibly last, series of ‘Sherlock’.

Both writers and stars agree that there would need to be a compelling reason to carry on with the show, even better ideas would have to emerge, and lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch has confided that this time around, the credits do feel “very final”.

All of which means that, following the stunning shock twist that arrived right at the end of last week’s penultimate episode, there are some serious loose ends to tie in the final 90 minutes afforded to fans this coming Sunday evening.


Has John Watson really been shot by Sherlock’s errant sibling Sherrinford, or will he live to see another day?

If John Watson does survive, have we finally seen the last of ghost Mary, now that Sherlock’s given him the big bro-hug, and it really is time to move on?

Is this the very final problem for Sherlock, John Watson and Mycroft?

Talking of romance, will Sherlock ever put Molly out of her misery and take her out on a date, or will his heart be taken once again by Irene Adler? She’s only a text away…

Never mind all that, despite Mycroft’s assurance that “Sherrinford is secure”, she clearly isn’t. Will he and his government forces swoop in, or will it be left to Sherlock to save John Watson and deal with the ramifications of this most unpredictable strand of Holmes DNA? Take a wild guess.

Talking of Mycroft, what was that phone number being proffered by his government colleague Lady Smallwood? Don’t tell me there’s romance brewing here too. If there’s one person in the whole show immune to the beating heart, it’s surely Sherlock’s cerebral sibling?

Will Sherlock forgive himself for not being able to recognise his own sibling, despite spending a whole evening with her on a London riverside bench? Not sure we do.

Is there one more case to be puzzled and solved? Surely we deserve one more deduction scene, and even a final trip to Sherlock’s mind palace? Hopefully, there’ll be room for this in the final story, even with all the family stuff going on. For old times’ sake…

And while we’re on the subject, dare we ask… Moriarty… just one more encounter before we all say goodbye… oh go on, it’d be rude not to.

‘Sherlock’ concludes on Sunday evening at 9pm on BBC One. 

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