23/03/2017 16:56 GMT

This Is The Age When You Stop Shopping At Zara (Apparently)

Huh? 🤔

Zara-lovers may find this news distressing, especially if you’re getting closer to the ripe old age of 27. 

Recent data research carried out by consumer analysis agency Insight Rooms, analysed social engagement with the brand in accordance to age. 

It turns out the median drop-off age for our Zara enthusiasm is 25. 

Speaking to Who What Wear, Ed Dilwoth, founder and CEO, confirmed that our engagement optimum ranges from age 23 to 27, before “basically collapsing beyond.”

Oh, and by age 33 our love interest falls below 1 percent.

But do you remember when Mary Berry rocked a flowery bomber jacket from Zara last year?

The one that sent the Internet into a frenzy after the episode of GGBO aired?

Yeah, we’re going to leave that right there.