Bumble's Latest Dating Data Is The Best News Ever For Short Kings

Short king spring is here to stay.
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The dating world isn’t as straightforward as we’d want it to be. Should we have sex on the first date? What should I do if they ignore my messages? How can I use my online dating profile to secure as many dates as possible? It could all be so simple but unfortunately, it is not.

This is why Bumble has identified the latest Gen-Z dating trends, from Seize The Date (making the first move) to Main Character Energy (not being afraid to go after what you want), to highlight how the younger generation are redefining what dating looks like in 2023.

Almost half of Gen Z people on Bumble are more motivated to go after what they want when it comes to romance, maybe it’s time the rest of us looked to them for some inspiration.

The Bumble team pulled together top Gen Z dating trends, with insights from the Bumble community and commentary from Bumble’s Sex and Relationships Expert, Dr. Caroline West.

Want to find out which dating trends will take over in 2023? Keep reading.

Short King Spring

Last year we were introduced to the phrase ‘short king spring,’ with couples like Zendaya and Tom Holland, and Joe Jonas and Sopha Turner showing us that height is not the be-all and end-all. It seems that Short King Spring is now a year-round affair for Gen Z.

More than 1 in 3 Gen Z singles on Bumble shared that they are now more open to dating someone shorter than them and no longer care about someone’s height as a requirement. This is higher than the global average, in which only 30% of those surveyed said the same thing.

Lucky Girl Season

‘Lucky Girl Syndrome,’ took over TikTok a few months ago. It’s the idea that if you want a successful life, all you have to do is believe that the life you want is already yours. It’s debatable whether this really works but it could work in your dating life.

There’s been a shift amongst Gen Z and beyond, with the majority (54%) of single people in the UK being more thoughtful and intentional about how they put themselves out there.


Living the protagonist lifestyle is the new norm, with 43% of Gen Z Bumble members feeling more motivated to go after what they want when it comes to romance after the past two years.

‘Hardballing’ (not messing around) has also taken a front seat, with more than half (52%) of those surveyed stating they are much clearer with partners from the start about what they want from a relationship, and 85% saying that being honest and upfront is the most important thing in a relationship.


With the return of office culture and busy social schedules, an overwhelming majority of Gen Z singles admitted that they were feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with their day to day. Back in 2021, lockdown led to the rise of ‘Slow Dating’ with people taking longer to get to know someone than they usually would.

Today, over half of Gen Z have established more boundaries over the last year, a trend Bumble calls ‘Guardrailing’, including being clearer about their emotional needs and boundaries and not overcommitting socially

Seize The Date

Gen Z now are particularly optimistic about dating in 2023, with 73% of global them ‘Seizing the Date’ and saying they feel positive about the romance that lies ahead. Younger generations are casting aside outdated romantic norms, joining the 89% of women in the UK comfortable with making the first move and asking someone on a first date.

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