11 Stages Of Buying A Pet For Your Child (And Why It's The Worst Idea Ever)

See that hutch? You'll be cleaning that, not them

Children have a way of convincing their parents to make bad decisions.

Such as feeding them ice cream before bed, taking them to a soft play area on a Saturday morning, and buying them a living creature they will never look after.

Buying a small pet for your child may seem like a nice way to introduce responsibility and companionship to your child’s life, but be warned, you’re buying yourself a whole lot of hassle too...

1. The endless months of children nagging and telling them no.

2. Starting to weigh up the pros and cons in exchange for their silence.

3. Settling on a nice “family friendly” option.

4. Everyone is interested for the first few weeks.

5. Then the cleaning has to start.

6. And the walking.

7. And if you’re really lucky, a whole lot of noise.

7. Oh and you don’t mind your house being destroyed do you?

8. You can forget ever eating again in private.

9. Soon they’ve taken over the house.

10. And are costing you more than your children ever did.

People Doing Yoga With Their Pets