Should We Follow St Louis' Example And Slice Our Bagels Like Loaves Of Bread?

Stop ruining our carbohydrates.

How do you serve your bagel? Perhaps with cream cheese and salmon, peanut butter and jam, or just with a good old dollop of butter.

Whatever your filling of choice, you slice it horizontally – with the centre hole in tact and two equally-thick halves – because you’re a smart person (although admittedly not as smart as the guy who has a mathematic formula for cutting bagels).

But now, Twitter has introduced us to the ‘St Louis’ method of slicing bagels, which means cutting them vertically. Yes, like a loaf of bread.

Honestly, you think you know how to serve your food and then someone comes along and shakes your whole world upside down.

This method works with bread because it still leaves a full slice in tact – but the shape of bagels means you just end up with lots of small bits. And crumbs all over the place.

People were (rightly) not happy with the decision.

And some also started destroying other foods and calling them ‘St Louis style’.

We’ll keep our horizontal bagels thank you.