11/09/2017 16:26 BST

Sign Language Interpreter Becomes Internet Hero With 'Expressive' Hurricane Irma Translation

'It's like watching poetry.'

A sign language interpreter stole the show at a Hurricane Irma conference while translating Florida Governor Rick Scott’s message about evacuation.

Twitter users were quick to notice the ASL interpreter’s extremely expressive face - which included lots of eye bulging, disgusted faces and tongue sticking-out - when he was translating Scott’s speech on the enormity of the situation in his state, telling residents: “If you’re in an evacuation zone, leave.”

The unknown interpreter’s sterling effort earned him a huge amount of praise online, with many commenting that they could understand what he was saying without knowing ASL.

He even won a celebrity endorsement from Missy Elliot.

Another clip which has managed to make people crack a smile despite the seriousness of the hurricane is of a CNN reporter stood out in the rain warning viewers about how dangerous it is outside - as two men in just shorts and t-shirts casually jog on by.