This Is How Much Single People Are Spending On Dating And Holy Sh*t

Excuse us while we delete all our dating apps.
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As the weather gets warmer and the days get brighter, singletons are ready for love. The pressure of cuffing season is gone but singles are feeling the pressure of dating in other areas, like in their personal finances.

Anyone who is on the lookout for love will tell you that the cost of living crisis is playing a huge role in the dating world – and new research has revealed just how much dating is setting us back.

Brace yourself – the average single adult in the UK spends a considerable £1,652 and goes on 15 dates before meeting that special someone, according to a new study by Novuna Personal Finance.

The cost of an individual date is around £60 but men are still spending more with an average of £68. It’s hard enough for singles as they spend an average of £1,851 on monthly bills compared to £991 for those in relationships.

However, the financial squeeze hasn’t deterred everyone – many are still willing to go all out to find companionship, with 13% of people admitting to spending more than £100 on a first date.

It’s not the actual dates that cost money either, singles are spending more money before they even leave the door. Over a third of respondents reported going shopping for new clothes or accessories for a first date, with two out of every five women doing so.

Surprisingly men are more conscious of their appearance before stepping out for a date. A quarter of women have spent money on a haircut to prepare, while 37% of men have treated themselves to a pre-date trim.

However, those pre-date expenses are setting singletons back an extra £40 per date, which is a big investment.

For some, the cost of dating has caused them to change their social habits and become more selective when dating. 24% of those surveyed are reducing the number of dates they go on because of the rising costs of bills and food.

Some people are so committed to finding the one that they’re delaying paying bills or cutting back on necessities, whilst 18% have given up their romantic pursuits whilst they deal with their financial pressures.

However, many Brits are dating on a budget. 61% of daters surveyed have taken considerable steps to get a discount on a date. More men have utilised these savings compared to women.

The study found that the most common way to save money is by pre-booking through an app to get a discount followed by choosing a specific date and time to receive a special discount such as happy hour, set menus, and dinner offers. 9% resorted to removing the service charge from their bill in order to save.

So yes, the cost of living is affecting singles but they won’t let the economy stop them from finding love. Here’s to finding love on a budget.