Six Women Wore The Same Dress To A Wedding And No, They Weren’t Bridesmaids

'I’ve heard of two women, maybe three, wearing the same dress, but six?'

What happens when six wedding guests say “yes” to the same dress?

A potential fashion nightmare ended with a good laugh after six women wore the same exact dress to a friend’s wedding in New South Wales, Australia, on Saturday 16 September, giving the bridesmaids some unexpected competition.

“I’ve heard of two women, maybe three, wearing the same dress, but six? You couldn’t make it up,” bride Julia Mammone told the Daily Telegraph.

The navy lace dresses are by the brand Forever New and were reportedly purchased from the Australian store Portmans.

Debbie Speranza, who was among those wearing the dress, recalled the initial shock of seeing others in the same ensemble.

“I turned up and did a double take when I saw my cousin in the same dress and she mouthed ‘oh my god’ back at me from the other side of the reception room,” she told the Telegraph. “Next thing we knew there were four others in the same friggin dress. What a bloody nightmare.”

Speranza went on to post a photo on the brand’s Facebook page that showed them standing together with the bride. “No we are NOT the bridesmaids, just the guests,” the caption read.

The bride told the Telegraph that “we all cracked up about it.”

“It’s every girl’s worst nightmare, what else can you do?” she said.

Speranza’s post elicited a ton of engagement on Facebook, with more than 45,000 likes and 10,800 comments as of Tuesday.

This article originally appeared on the US edition of HuffPost.


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