Smacking Becoming 'Illegal' Debate: Parents Share Their Views With #SmackingBan Hashtag

'There's never, ever an excuse to hit your child.'

Parents are debating whether smacking children should be made illegal, after UK officials addressed the issue earlier this week.

Using the #smackingban hashtag on Twitter, some mums and dads are arguing that it "never did them any harm", while others believe it teaches children to be violent.

The issue came to light on 23 May when four UK commissioners addressed the United Nation during their 'Children's Rights' inquiry, arguing smacking should be illegal in the UK.

Bronwyn8 via Getty Images

The commissioners argued that “all corporal punishment in the family and in all other institutions and forms of alternative care should be prohibited".

The outcome of the inquiry has not yet been released.

Twitter users who are against smacking being made illegal aired their views.

While others explained why they believe any form of corporal punishment should be made illegal.

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