50 Small Pleasures We've Rediscovered During Lockdown

From fresh flowers to family phone calls, we've learned to appreciate the little things in a big way.

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The UK lockdown has been difficult, to say the least, as we’ve adapted to a new way of living. But amid the challenges, we’ve also discovered – or rediscovered – underrated joys that were right in front of us all along. Old hobbies have been resumed, communities have been restored.

This period of slowing down has given us space to be introspective, or simply kick back and smell the coffee. Without the usual noise of everyday life, we’ve learned to appreciate the little things in a big way.

Sure, there are plenty of things we can’t wait to do when life returns to normal, but to mark 50 days of lockdown, here are 50 simple pleasures we’ve enjoyed during this period.

You might not relate to all of them, but we’re sure some will have you smiling in agreement.

1. Chatting to your neighbours over the fence.

2. Sitting next to a window with the sun on your face.

3. Curling up in bed for an early night.

4. Fresh flowers and their delicious scent.

5. Discovering new places on your daily walk.

6. Hearing the birds wake up each morning.

7. Painting your nails, without rushed smudges.

8. Making the perfect cup of tea, about five times a day.

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9. Watering plants each evening and watching them thrive.

10. Writing a letter to a friend, for the first time ever.

11. Receiving a letter back and storing it like treasure.

12. Having a bath that’s the perfect temperature.

13. Enjoying an extra hour in bed each morning.

14. Brewing a proper coffee, before you start your day.

15. Asking “how are you feeling?” and really listening to the answer.

16. Realising family are always just a phone call away.

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17. Buttered crumpets, with extra butter.

18. Jacket potatoes.

19. Biscuit breaks – lots of them.

20. Elasticated waistbands.

22. Getting lost in a good book.

23. Yoga with Adriene.

24. Listening to the rain tapping on the window.

25. Proper, comfy socks that aren’t designed for trainers.

26. Jigsaws, who would have thought it?

27. Appreciating takeaways like never before.

28. Dancing around the living room.

29. Spraying perfume, just for you.

30. Bingeing boxsets with zero guilt.

30. Board games, long forgotten in the cupboard.

31. Comfy slippers, preferably paired with leggings.

32. Cooking a meal and enjoying the process.

34. A Tesco click and collect slot.

35. Baking treats, even if they go wrong.

36. Running to the door when the post comes.

37. Saying hi to the bin man.

38. Chatting to supermarket workers.

39. Turning up the radio on your favourite song.

40. Spending quality time with the kids.

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41. Sewing on a button you’ve put off for ages.

42. Drawing, colouring or getting crafty.

43. Playing with pets during the working day.

44. Getting lost in a video game.

45. The luxury of freshly cleaned sheets.

46. Veg boxes from a local farm.

47. Enjoying the sounds and colours of nature.

48. Running, jogging or even just walking.

49. Getting an answer right on the quiz.

50. Feeling closer to loved ones, even though you’re apart.