Snapchat's Bob Marley Filter Stokes Anger Over 'Blackface' Pictures To Mark 420

'They've reduced his legacy to nothing more than a weed mascot for white hippies.'

The Internet has been set ablaze by Snapchat users, angry at the app for releasing a Bob Marley filter on April 20th - a day celebrated by cannabis smokers.

Furious Snapchatters accused the company of "capitalising" on '4/20' by giving people a "blackface", complete with rastacap and a flag decorated in the same colours.

People on social media hit out at app developers, suggesting they had "reduced the brother's legacy to nothing more than a weed mascot for white hippies" and said Marley was not being remembered for his true musical talents.

Others took less contention with the filter and praised Snapchat for the perceived cultural nod to a day celebrated by thousands across the world.

But some defended Snapchat developers' decision and saw no problem with the filter.

4/20 is a day celebrated by cannabis users across the world, although the origins of its name are unclear.

Depending on whom you ask or their state of inebriation, there are as many varieties of answers as strains of bud.

Some attribute it to the number of active chemicals in marijuana. Others say it is teatime in Holland.

Responding to the backlash today, a Snapchat spokesperson told The Huffington Post UK: "The lens we launched today was created in partnership with the Bob Marley Estate, and gives people a new way to share their appreciation for Bob Marley and his music.

"Millions of Snapchatters have enjoyed Bob Marley's music, and we respect his life and achievements."


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