bob marley

The Jamaican American reggae artist followed in his grandfather's footsteps and his father, Stephen Marley.
The No Time To Die star will reportedly play Rita Marley in the as-yet untitled Paramount film about the reggae star’s life.
The star was best known as a founding member of The Wailers, alongside his childhood friend Bob Marley.
Thousands of fans – including UK grime artists and former prime ministers – flocked to the National Stadium in Kingston for the anticipated concert.
'So it managed to get through god knows how many people before it was printed.'
This week marked the official State Opening of Parliament by the Queen. This was the Queen's 64th speech however this one was far from usual, with the new government on this occasion set to be propped up by the DUP. The Tories so often warned us about a coalition of chaos during the election campaign, but little did they expect to be talking about their own chaotic government.
The relative merits of Ed Sheeran's music is immaterial to his decision to join an anti-racist movement. But the irony of endorsing Eric Clapton, a musician bestowed the title 'God' by his fans, whilst not making reference to his racist expressions that gave rise to Rock Against Racism is bewildering.