SNP Leader Slams Tories And Labour In A Fiery Conference Speech

Humza Yousaf blasted both main parties, calling the Tories "extremist" and saying Labour had "abandoned its principles"
Peter Summers via Getty Images

SNP leader Humza Yousaf hits-out at both Labour and the Tories in a fiery speech at his party conference.

In his first conference as leader, he directly attacked home secretary Suella Braverman for her recent speeches where she said “multiculturalism has failed” and there was a “hurricane” of migrants coming to Britain.

“When I hear that dog-whistle language it makes me shudder,” he said to party members in Aberdeen.

He labelled the Tories as “extremist”, and says their rhetoric is “morally wrong”.

“So let me be clear.” he added.

“We will always speak out against the voices of extremism, against those who want to fuel a culture war.

But it wasn’t just the Tories that were the slammed by the SNP. Yousaf blasted Labour too, saying he does not know what their leader stands for.

“When it comes to values, I’ve got absolutely no idea what Keir Starmer stands for.” said Yousaf.

“The closer he gets to Downing Street, the further he retreats from his principles.

“Once upon a time, Starmer agreed with the SNP that it was abhorrent to force women who had been raped to provide proof before they could access child benefits.

“But, now Labour say they plan to apply Tory policies like the rape clause – in their words - more fairly.”

Yousaf concluded by saying the “Tories are finished” and “Labour has abandoned its principles”.


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