Humza Yousaf blasted both main parties, calling the Tories "extremist" and saying Labour had "abandoned its principles"
"There are no plans to alter our tough stance on drugs," said the PM's spokesman.
Westminster has blocked a law passed by Scotland's parliament that makes it easier to change gender.
The former first minister cancels Edinburgh Science festival visit amid police investigation into her husband.
The SNP leader easily won a vote of MSPs at the Scottish Parliament.
His margin of victory was the same as Leave's in the Brexit referendum - and we all know what happened next.
The candidate had called for an independent auditor to ensure the integrity of the race.
A new poll shows she is the most popular candidate among party voters to replace Nicola Sturgeon.
SNP leadership candidate says her faith means she believes "sex is for marriage".
The defiant finance secretary insisted her campaign was “not over”.