From ‘Coronation Street’ To ‘EastEnders’: Soapland’s Most Fertile Men

Some of them have clearly been busy...

The rules of biology (obviously) apply in Soapland just as they do the real world, but families tend to work a little differently.

Barely a month goes by without an illegitimate child or secret pregnancy being revealed in ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Emmerdale’, ‘EastEnders’ or ‘Hollyoaks’, and we’ve noticed that it’s often the same men at the centre of the storylines.

Take ‘EastEnders’ lothario Jack Branning. He seemed to spend all of five minutes in the company of Sam Mitchell, but lo and behold, she later welcomed his child.

The same thing happened to Jack - who had another kid before arriving in Walford - with Roxy Mitchell, before he later fathered a fourth baby with wife, Ronnie.

Meanwhile, over on t’cobbles, Mike Baldwin’s many affairs were, ummm, fruitful, but there’s no beating one ‘Dales resident who has a whooping seven kids. Find out who it is in the gallery...

Mike Baldwin (Coronation Street)

The Most Fertile Men In Soapland

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