Soho Streets Evacuated – Again – After More WW2 Bomb Parts Discovered

Large parts of the capital's busy Soho area have been cordoned off for a second day running.

A large part of London’s busy Soho district has been evacuated for the second time in two days following the discovery of further parts of a suspected Second World War bomb.

Dean Street, Richmond Mews, Meard Street and St Anne’s Court were all evacuated on Tuesday afternoon and a number of surrounding road closures are in place.

A statement from Soho police said: “We apologise for the inconvenience & understand the disruption caused. However, these closures will likely be in place until the end of this incident.”

It comes just a day after similar action was taken following the discovery of the “WW2 ordnance” during building works on Monday.

Yesterday afternoon several streets were cleared – and later reopened – when the first part of the explosive device was discovered.

A Royal Engineers bomb disposal unit was called in and removed the half-tonne device.

Shortly after 8.30pm, the Metropolitan Police’s Soho team said the cordons in Oxford Street, Charing Cross Road, Shaftesbury Avenue, Lexington Street and Poland Street had been lifted.

On Monday a Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: “An Army explosive ordnance disposal team has been called out to Soho to support the Metropolitan Police after discovery of a 500kg Second World War device.

“The Army EOD team have confirmed the bomb was safe to remove overnight to a location where it will be detonated.

“Military personnel are regularly required to assist with the disposal of historic ordnance such as this, ensuring every situation is dealt with as quickly as possible for the safety of the general public.”

The BBC reported in 2018 that about 60 unexploded bombs had been dealt with around the UK each year since 2010.


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