15/06/2017 02:52 BST

Sony PlayStation: A Brief Look Back At A Console That Became An Icon

A true gaming icon.

While E3 2017 shows us the latest and greatest in video games it seems almost an age ago that Sony released the very first PlayStation in 1994.

Boasting a state-of-the-art CD drive, the PlayStation console catapulted gaming into the mainstream.

Robert Lachman via Getty Images

The PlayStation was a truly universal console boasting games for both children and adults. Resident Evil was born and has since become a horror icon while Crash Bandicoot propelled itself onto our screens showing that the PlayStation had a sense of fun too.

While the PlayStation offered something almost universally different to the Nintendo 64, things could have been very different indeed.

The PlayStation was originally a project between Sony and Nintendo to create a brand-new games console called the SNES CD.

This fell through however and while Nintendo wouldn’t make a disc-based console until the GameCube, Sony pressed ahead with the concept and created the PlayStation.

The rest as they say is history, the PlayStation would go on to host some of the most iconic gaming brands in history including: Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Wipeout, Metal Gear Solid and Tekken.

In this episode of Tech Hunters, host Julia Hardy explores the story of the original PlayStation and discovers how it became the iconic gaming brand that it is today.

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