Model Sophia Hadjipanteli's Black Unibrow Is Making Us All Want To Ditch The Tweezers Permanently

Cara has got competition.

There is no denying that the last few years have seen the beauty industry embracing more ‘natural-looking’ brows that don’t need to be plucked within an inch of their life.

But no matter how liberal we’re all feeling with the eyebrow pencil, there’s definitely still a (brow)line drawn at a monobrow.

Synonymous with Frida Kahlo and your grandpa, it is fair to say that it’s not a look most young women aspire to. That was, until now.

Just as Cara Delevingne became the poster girl for thicker brows, student and model Sophia Hadjipanteli is about to become the leader of the ‘unibrow movement’ (99% due to her own brilliant brows).

The Greek Cypriot model who lives in Maryland, US, has already successfully racked up more than 50,000 Instagram followers who both adore (and seemingly hate on) her unusual look in equal measure.

As for the look itself, Hadjipanteli admits she is a natural blonde who was gifted with genetically thick-brows, albeit not jet black.

But after a rather unfortunate tinting incident when trying to follow a YouTube tutorial, she explained she decided to embrace her accidental black brows.

Quite simply because she thinks her face “looks better” with them than without.

Now, as she gains more and more followers, she is using her public platform to promote her #UnibrowMovement, which doesn’t involve all of us ditching the tweezers, but instead is intended to get us to all stop caring about (and commenting on) how other people look.

A very 2017 version of ‘you do you’.

Hadjipanteli tweeted: “If someone says or does something you don’t like, you take it with a smile and move on... never in your life will everyone see you as who you truly are - accept it and move on.”

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar she added: “I think it’s kind of bizarre that people fill-in their eyebrows, not that I’m hating on people that do at all, but they’re annoyed when I don’t fill mine in and leave them as they are.”

You say it girl.