Sorry But We've Got Some Awful News About This Iconic '00s Advert

No matter how hard you tried, we just couldn't get our eyebrows to dance.
The advert is still truly iconic.
The advert is still truly iconic.
YouTube/Cadbury UK

Were you even a teen in the 00s if you weren’t aggressively trying to make your eyebrows dance? Yes, welcome to a suppressed memory – Cadbury’s 2009 Dairy Milk ‘Eyebrows’ advert.

You’d desperately try to make your eyebrows move as effortlessly as the two kids did to the sound of Freestyle’s Don’t Stop The Rock.

However, no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t quite get them to wiggle like the talented pair seemed to be able to.

Well guys, we’re sorry – it turns out we’ve all been lied to.

The little girl in the video – now a grown up Georgia Wake – has revealed all in a TikTok and she’s been keeping one of TV’s best secrets.

Wake duetted a clip of the iconic advert and captioned it: “When you lie to the nation about your eyebrow talent.”

Yup, those kids didn’t have super human eyebrow moving abilities... it was all fake.

CGI you ask? No, the secret to achieving seriously flexible eyebrow muscles was something far more simple than that.

Georgia explained in a follow-up video: “You can see up here on my eyebrows I had like four little pads - two on each eyebrows - and then it was fishing wire and lolly pop sticks.

“I had a man behind me pulling them up and down.

“It took a lot of rehearsing, from what I remember it was about four days of filming.”

And it’s safe to say that viewers of the TikTok were not happy about the revelation.

“This advert had me in a chokehold, I finally learnt how to raise an eyebrow each it only took me six years to master it. To find out I was living a lie,” wrote one.

“Eight year old me is so p***ed off right now,” added another.

You can watch Georgia’s video for yourself here:


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