If Your Bedroom Is A Tiny Box, These 15 Storage Solutions Will Save You Some Much-Needed Space

From drawer dividers and rotating makeup organisers, to detachable bedside shelves and vertical hanger hooks – we’ve got you.
Yes, you did just see a mirror with a secret storage compartment.
Yes, you did just see a mirror with a secret storage compartment.

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If your dresser top is cluttered with skincare products, an awkward mountain of shoe boxes, or perhaps a chair dedicated to a pile of half-worn clothes; storage can be a tricky when you’ve got a small bedroom – take it from me, I grew up in a box bedroom too.

You have to work smarter rather than harder when it comes to finding places to store your most prized possessions. Whether you’re a DIY champion or maybe you’re in need of some renter-friendly buys that will do the job and keep your landlord smiling, we’re here just in time to give you some handy solutions to your storage woes...

Give folded items a home in a wardrobe without the need for shelves
Got a lot of hanging space, and a shameful lack of clothes that are nice enough to need hanging? We totally get it. Give your loungewear the limelight it deserves with this six-tier hanging shelf that simply hooks over your rail. An easy hack for swapping out hanging space for horizontal storage.
Opt for a clothes rail with a double rod
Clothes rails are a stylish storage solution if you’re lacking in wardrobe space. If one rail isn’t going to accommodate your clothing, then rather than buying another, pick a model with two rails, and enjoy double the hanging space.
Make the most of unused wardrobe space
Although they're great for your maxi dress or suit collection, full-length wardrobes typically leave you with a load of dead space at the bottom. But using these stackable baskets, you can create your own custom shelving system, and ensure no space goes to waste.
Invest in a mirror that has secret storage
Despite looking like an ordinary wall mirror, when you unlock this cabinet, you’ll find ring holes, earring slots, necklace hooks, brush holders, and drawers for storing make-up. Not sure if your landlord would approve? Choose a standing model instead.
Don’t forget the extra space on your door
Over-the-door hooks are a popular choice for hanging dressing gowns and coats - but this model goes one step further by also bringing basket storage into the mix. The two deep metal baskets are great for storing keys, wallets, and anything else you will always want to have nearby.
Use dividers to keep your drawers in order
When your drawers are disorganised, it’s easy for you to lose track of what you have and haven’t got. Using dividers like these, you’ll always have a clear view of your underwear and foldable items and won’t end up unnecessarily buying items you already own.
Swap the bedside table for a bedside shelf
Bulky bedside tables take up space, whereas this bamboo shelf simply clamps to your bed frame. There are multiple different styles and sizes available, but this original model can safely hold up to 9kg and boasts two handy wire slots for easy charging.
Forget a crowded wardrobe, maximise your hanging space
The ultimate wardrobe space saver, one of these nifty hangers will vertically accommodate up to six garments – ideal for those with lots of items that need hanging. For optimum organisation and order, use space-saving trouser hangers as well.
Keep your ties and belts neatly together
With this hanging organiser, you can say goodbye to rummaging around in the back of a drawer for that particular scarf, tie, or belt you’re after. Just hang them from one of these 14 hooks, and you’ll always be able to easily find them in your wardrobe.
Store out of season clothing under your bed
There’s no point wasting wardrobe space with clothes you won’t be wearing for another six months. With these large storage bags, you can keep out-of-season clothes under your bed, and then just swap your wardrobe over when the time comes.
Slip your shoes under the bed
Keep your shoes close by but out of sight with this 12-part storage box that slides under the bed. With its transparent window for easy viewing and handy pull handles, you’ll be able to pick out your shoes even if you’re in a hurry.
Use floating bookshelves to free up shelf space
Solving two problems at once, these floating shelves are both a savvy book storage solution, and also a great way to make a wall feature out of your favourite titles. The shelves are available in two different sizes, and can also be bought individually.
Keep linens and towels in statement storage trunks
If you don’t have a utility room or ample airing cupboard, you may struggle to find space in your bedroom to store clean bedding and towels. These stackable storage trunks take up far less floor space than an ottoman or bench, and style up the foot of any bed.
Create an eye catching open closet for coats and jackets
Even if you only have a couple of them, hanging bulky items like coats in your bedroom cupboard quickly eats away valuable space. Instead, fix an industrial pipe like this to an empty bit of wall, and display your outerwear in your very own open coat closet.
Stack your skincare to maximise your dresser space
If your box bedroom isn’t blessed with a dresser capable of storing all your skincare and beauty go-to's, then proudly display them instead with this stylish rotating countertop organiser. Adjustable and stackable, it’s great for maximising vertical space on any shelf or small vanity.