Spain Aims For 100% Renewable Energy, And Experts Think It's Achievable

"I think people are going to tell me we're crazy."

Spain is aiming to provide 100% of its energy needs using only renewable sources, and experts in the country believe it is an achievable target.

The European Union has set a target for the country to reach 20% of all power sourced through renewable means by 2020.

The current average per day stands at 17.4%, according to ABC News, enough to power 29 million homes across the region.

And a review by the International Energy Agency last year claimed that in 2014, Spain achieved 14.9% of their total primary energy supply from renewable energy, meaning a 2.5% increase in the past two years.

Charlie Dean via Getty Images

Spain has experienced two peaks in the last two years.

In November 2015 they reached a nighttime high for wind energy as it was able to provide 70% of requirements, and for daytime records (when more energy is consumed) the peak of 54% was reached in January 2015.

Miguel Ezepeleta, director of Spanish wind farm firm Acciona, told ABC News: “It’s incredible. Some years ago, people would say we would be crazy saying these kind of things, but today it’s a real situation.”

“I think people are going to tell me we’re crazy but I’m pretty sure we’ll arrive at 100% for one moment for sure.”

Spain isn’t the only European country striving for renewable energy records.

Back in May, Germany had to pay customers to use an ‘excess’ of renewably sourced energy.

And in the UK, Scotland was able to provide 106% of its renewable energy requirements for a single day in August.

Environmental group WWF Scotland confirmed that high winds in Scotland meant that wind power was able to over-provide energy for the first time on record, pumping 39,645 megawatt hours into the National Grid within 24 hours.

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