fossil fuels

Backbencher Alok Sharma demolished the Conservative legislation.
World leaders described the agreement as both “historic” and “incremental.”
"There are 24 hours left to show whose side the world is on," the environmentalist said.
The annual summit to tackle global climate change is crawling with people with ties to planet-warming fossil fuels.
Sultan Ahmedd Al Jaber suggested there are "constant and repeated attempts " to undermine his presidency.
Don't let all the acronyms prevent you from understanding what happens at this pivotal summit.
It would take 1,500 years for those in the bottom 99% to produce as much carbon as the top 1%, a new report claims.
Rishi Sunak recently slowed down our transition away from fossil fuels.
"The effect may be considerable in a few centuries," it prophesied.
Rishi Sunak just approved hundreds more licenses to mine oil and gas in the North Sea.