fossil fuels

The villain isn't the fossil fuel companies, Leonardo. It's us. It's society. It's each of us that enjoys the benefits of a civilisation fuelled by cheap hydrocarbons. The companies can't change it without failing in their duty to investors. You and I can't change it either - because a few rich people driving Teslas and fitting solar panels are outnumbered by millions who just want power and fuel to escape poverty.
You might want to rethink any plans for long-haul summer destinations, as we now have concrete evidence of our individual
The protest group estimates UCL has invested £14million in the industry to companies such as Shell.  A Fossil Free UCL spokesperson
Big business and the financial markets should stand and take notice, otherwise their continued climate slumber will lead to the destruction of massive shareholder value (and therefore the pensions of tens of millions) as well as many lives.
For the first time ever, renewable energy accounted for more than half of the world’s electrical capacity last year. In some
Spain is aiming to provide 100% of its energy needs using only renewable sources, and experts in the country believe it is