fossil fuels

Flickr | James St. John There are two types of extraction process. Open-pit is the more environmentally damaging as this
As a society, we must push all energy companies to become accountable green investors and contribute meaningfully to the global shift away from fossil fuels. Until they do so, we will continue to intensify pressure on our institutions to reject an industry that compromises all of our futures in the name of profit - and, ultimately, remove its social license to operate.
It might sound like a biblical proposition, but turning water into fuel could soon become a reality as a team of scientists
Renewable energy is reaching a similar moment - its 'iPhone moment'. Technology advances and accumulated expertise in construction and deployment of wind and solar energy have come together in a way that has created a true tipping point in the energy industry.
As I step down as CEO of Dearman, I must admit that a piston engine that runs on nothing but air - the basis of the last
There are many ifs and buts here, and it is a long and distant road we face with many unknowns. And from the outset, it looks disastrous for climate change. But amongst all the dark clouds there is hope, and we must do our utmost to pursue that hope.
Above all, don't lose hope. If we do, we lose the war and we betray the world's poorest people. Let's redouble efforts like never before. Let's win the fight.
The study is a boon to carbon capture and storage advocates.
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is one of the few things which unites environmentalists and the fossil fuel industry.  For