Stacey Solomon Celebrates Her Stretch Marks, Helps Others Feel Proud Of Their 'Natural Glitter'

"We need more posts like this."

Stacey Solomon has been celebrating her stretch marks on holiday – and people are loving her body positivity.

The pregnant star shared a photo of herself sitting by a pool in a bikini, saying: “I honestly love how much stretch marks shine in the sun! Natural glitter.”

Fans have flocked to the comments to thank the Loose Women panelist for normalising stretch marks.

“We need more posts like this,” one person said. “My stomach is absolutely covered in them (second pregnancy adding to it) and sometimes it’s so depressing. Seeing more people embrace them is so important and comforting! Well done you for having the balls and confidence to do so.”

Another person added: “Reading that makes me feel so much better! I have quite a few [stretch marks] and am not/have not been pregnant. Just nice to know I’m not alone with stretch marks.”

In another post this weekend Solomon said she was enjoying spending some quality time with her eldest son, Zachery, before her baby is born.

“Spending some time with mummy all to himself before he has to share me three ways,” she said. “He’s been sharing me with his little brother for nearly seven years and he’s been incredible. So we are getting some memories in during the calm before the storm.

“Love you Zachy 💛 P.S He’s laughing because he thinks my boobs are way too big and embarrassing for me to be cuddling him.”

Solomon is pregnant with her third child. Her partner. Joe Swash, previously said: “This child is going to tie up the family. My kid and your kids are going to feel like they’re part of this big family. We’re going to have such a lovely family.”