13 Stages Of Brexit As Illustrated By Babies

This is not happening.

Brexit has happened. Many of us who didn't want to leave the EU have been left speechless by the result.

But you know who's good at expressing how they feel?

Babies, y'all.

So for those of us who can't yet find the words, here are the 13 stages of how we got here, illustrated by the little tots.

1. The determination to get out and vote, despite the apocalyptic weather.

2. The casual pre-bedtime optimism when Remain was still leading in the polls.

3. The sleepless night and waking up in a cold sweat every two hours to check rolling news coverage.

4. The initial projections at 5am that Leave was getting more likely.

5. The confirmation. WHAT THE FUCK.

6. The shock. Put on the kettle.

7. The phone calls to your soon-to-be-excommunicated relatives who voted Leave.

8. The bargaining. Can this get any worse? Yes it can. Cameron is resigning and we can't even enjoy it.

9. The denial. Is Boris zip-lining his way into Downing Street?

10. Speaking of which, has anyone seen George Osborne?

11. The refusal to accept the situation. Wait, can't someone stop this? Where's the Queen? SAVE US YOUR MAJ!

12. The anger. Right who is responsible for this and can I block them on Facebook?

13. The acceptance...not sure this will be happening for some time yet.

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