John Boyega Doubles Down On Racism Comments, Telling Racist Fans To 'F*** Off'

The Star Wars actor previously tweeted he "f***ing hates racists" following the death of George Floyd in the US.

John Boyega has doubled down on his comments about racism, telling any racists who follow him or consider themselves fans of his work to “fuck off” during an Instagram live-stream.

On Wednesday, the Star Wars actor made headlines when he tweeted that he “fucking hates racists”, after the tragic death of George Floyd in Minnesota once again raised the issue of police brutality towards Black people.

His original tweet led to more of a debate than you might expect from a fairly straight-forward statement, with John shrugging off comments from people who admonished his swearing and pointed out that racism affects many different communities.

Again I’ll say it for you,” he said. “I am talking about white on black racism. Is that okay for you?”

John Boyega at last year's D23 Expo
John Boyega at last year's D23 Expo
Image Group LA via Getty Images

John then echoed those sentiments in a live-stream shared on his Instagram page.

“Of course there’s other forms of racism,” he said. “But a Black man was just murdered in cold blood in the streets Stateside. Again. While saying that he can’t breathe.

“That’s a continuous cycle going on and although I don’t live in the States, brother, I’m Black. Fuck that. So I’ll say it again, fuck you racist white people. I said what I said. And if you don’t fucking like it, go suck a dick. Seriously.

“It’s not about career, it’s not about money, ’cause a lot of people like to bring that up… all those things were just a part of my dream. A part of working. That’s got nothing to do with how you treat people. It’s a madness.

He continued: “So first of all, you’re going to respect Black people online… if you’re commenting on my pictures, or videos, and you saying anything about no Black people, you saying any racist shit, that’s a straight-up block. It’s fine. It’s ready. I don’t need you on my page.

“And if you’re a fan of me, and you support my work, and you’re racist, and you’re arguing with what I was saying, fuck off. You fucking dickheads. Yeah?”

Although the clip is no longer available to view on John’s Instagram, many fans have been sharing clips of it on Twitter, along with messages of praise for the sci-fi star…

Earlier this month, John blasted Sky News over an article on their website referring to a traditional African hairstyle as a “spiky coronavirus haircut”.

“You lot lost your damn mind putting this on the internet,” he wrote. “Which hairstyle did you just call spiky coronavirus haircut? Are you guys okay?

“The media need to make sure they do research before wiring articles like this. Ya fackin dummies.”


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