17/03/2016 13:15 GMT

Star Wars 'Trials On Tatooine' Is The Virtual Reality Experience You've Been Waiting For

Yes, that's a lightsaber you're holding...

A long time ago (about 12 hours) in a meeting room far far away (San Francisco) there is a Star Warsvirtual reality demo that's leaving journalists speechless.

It's called 'Trials on Tatooine' and it's a cinematic experience that's half movie/half video game. The reason it's leaving everyone speechless is because for a few brief minutes, it lets you control an actual lightsaber.

The experience is the brainchild of Disney's ILMxLAB, a R&D team based out of LucasFilm that are working on the next-generation of cinema experiences.

'Trials on Tatooine' isn't a video game, nor is it a film, it is instead both, and it's something that the team at ILMxLAB see being rolled out into people's living rooms in the future.

Before you start leaping for your credit card though we have some bad news, firstly the graphical requirements for even this short demo were spectacular.

According to journalists that were trying it out, they saw huge gaming computers running multiple graphics cards just to try and process all the information.