Denise Welch, Amanda Holden And Rylan Lead Support For Stonewall's New 'Come Out For LGBT' Campaign

'I want to live in a world where everyone cam be who they want to be.'

Amanda Holden, Susanna Reid, Rylan Clark-Neal and Denise Welch are among the stars who have lent their support to Stonewall’s new Come Out For LGBT campaign.

The LGBT charity has launched its first new initiative in 10 years to motivate everyone in Britain who supports equality, but maybe doesn’t know how to show it, to get off the sidelines.

It was launched after new Stonewall research from a YouGov poll of 5000 LGBT people revealed the number of lesbian, gay and bisexual people who have reported hate crimes has soared by 78% over the past four years.

In response to this, a number of famous faces demonstrated their support on Twitter, urging their followers to get behind the campaign.

The research also found that fear abuse or worse has left LGBT people afraid to go about their daily lives, with 36% admitting they don’t feel comfortable to walk down the street holding their partner’s hand.

Find out more about the campaign at Stonewall’s website.

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