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These New Tom Of Finland Stamps Are Pretty Damn Hot (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 16.04.2014 | UK

What’s that? Your letter arrived emblazoned with a pert pair of male buttocks with a handsome, moustachioed face peeking out from between a pair of ...

My Transgender Transition: Coming Out to Family and Friends

Jayden Ray Billington | Posted 14.04.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Jayden Ray Billington

Coming out as trans to my friends and family was both the easiest and the hardest thing I have ever faced. I had touched upon the subject with two friends in a light hearted manner to see what their reaction would be a few months prior to 'coming out' but I was not ready to fully engage with them the depths of how I felt or how serious I truly was...

Jessie J: "My Bisexuality Is Just a Phase"

Eve Hartley | Posted 10.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Eve Hartley

I feel betrayed. Not that she was an important part of my every day life- I just feel deflated and disappointed that another role model has given in to the stigma of carrying the LGBT tag. Perhaps she just didn't understand the knock on effect it would cause to her younger LGBT fans - many regarding her as a hero to look up to.

South Africa's President "Respects" Uganda's Anti-Gay Law

Dan Littauer | Posted 14.04.2014 | UK
Dan Littauer

Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa stated on Tuesday he respects Uganda's right to pass anti-gay legislation and that no action will be taken against the country.

WATCH: Gordon Comes Out As First Gay College Basketball Player (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 14.04.2014 | UK Sport

Derrick Gordon, a sophomore starter for the University of Massachusetts men's basketball team, has come out as the first openly gay player in Division...

For Goodness Sake- Let Toys Be Toys

Jack Fletcher | Posted 08.04.2014 | UK
Jack Fletcher

Gender labelling is unnecessary and needs to be addressed. Society has many problems, but it is an accumulation of small but damaging concepts that need to change for the better.

'Fuelling Hatred': LGBT Groups Slam Reports Gay Teacher Was Forced Out Of Job

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith | Posted 08.04.2014 | UK

LGBT rights groups have revealed their concerns after reports emerged that a gay teacher was forced to resign after parents complained that they did n...

'Being Bisexual Was A Phase'

Huffington Post UK | Rachel McGrath | Posted 08.04.2014 | UK Entertainment

Jessie J has revealed that she thinks her bisexuality was “a phase”, adding that she hopes to marry a man and have children in the future. In ...

LOOK: This Picture Saw Sales Plummet For The Bristol Post

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 08.04.2014 | UK

A regional newspaper editor has revealed he lost “thousands” of sales after featuring two gay men kissing after tying the knot on the front page. ...

Best Photobomb Ever! Lesbians Share A Kiss Behind Same-Sex Marriage Protester (PICTURE)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 04.04.2014 | UK

This has to be the most epic photobomb we’ve ever seen: One same-sex marriage protester peeping over the top of his placard – while two women kiss...

The Male Size Zero

John Mason | Posted 31.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
John Mason

To have and maintain a body like the ones men's magazines portray, I had to dedicate myself to it like it was a full time job. In fact, it WAS a full time job. Surely that 's (Like the Size Zero) unattainable to the majority of men? How can someone maintain that training regime with a family, career, dog etc?

Stories of Polish Gay Immigration in the UK

Pamela Sposito | Posted 07.04.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Pamela Sposito

Homophobia in Poland is another major reason of Polish immigration to the UK. Who would have thought? In fact, gay Poles decide to book a one-way flight ticket to London to escape discrimination.

Same Sex Honeymoon Destinations

Andrew Matthews | Posted 30.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Andrew Matthews

What happens when the party's over? I'm not talking about the old 'marriage kills romance' cliché - I'm thinking more immediate and pressing issues, like honeymoons. They're well within my remit, so here are a few first thoughts on some romantic destinations that almost live up to finally being able to say 'I Do'.

Gay Marriage Sends 'Powerful Message' About Equality In Britain

PA/Huffington | Posted 29.03.2014 | UK

David Cameron has hailed the first same-sex marriages in England and Wales as sending a "powerful message" about equality in Britain. The law changed ...

Christians Cancel Charity Money For Hungry Children Over Gay Marriage Row

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 28.03.2014 | UK

NEW YORK -- A Washington-based religious charity has been forced to backtrack on a pledge to allow the hiring of employees in same-sex marriages, afte...

There's Never Been a Better Time to Show Your Pride

A.J. Higginson | Posted 27.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
A.J. Higginson

Pride attracts weary cynicism, 'I don't mind lesbians and gays but why do they need to flaunt themselves like that!' This statement in itself validates the need for Pride, however, questions are worth discussing.

Poorna Bell

Meet The Women Tying The Knot On The First Day Gay Marriage Becomes Legal | Poorna Bell | Posted 28.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle

For many who have been fighting the good fight around gay and lesbian marriage legislation, this Saturday is a long-awaited day. It's the first day...

First Same-Sex Weddings Take Place This Month: Six Things Every Couple Should Know

Richard Adams | Posted 11.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Richard Adams

After the long battle to get same-sex marriage introduced in law in England and Wales, this month will see couples celebrate throughout the country as the first same-sex weddings in England and Wales take place on 29 March, 2014. Here's what all same-sex couples intending to marry need to know...

Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus (MLGC) Premiere of "Canal St" at 'Spring Into Harmony' - Salford Lowry 30 March

Collette Walsh | Posted 11.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Collette Walsh

Love show tunes? Wondering what to do for Mothering Sunday? Fancy a trip over to Manchester (UK) - then bring along your mum or the 'mother figure' in your life for an afternoon of musical theatre classics at 'Spring Into Harmony' at Salford's Lowry Theatre.

Lesbian Prom Hits London For The First Time Ever

Eva Grzybek | Posted 07.04.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Eva Grzybek

Lesbian and bi ladies living in this amazing city can't really complain about a lack of events for them to attend. Sure, we all cried when Candy shut down earlier this year, but I think we can all agree that the newly opened She Soho has managed to fill that void in style, providing a great meeting and mingling space.

Life Over the Rainbow: LGBT's Jewish Community Record Their History

Iram Sarwar | Posted 07.03.2014 | UK
Iram Sarwar

While homophobia in the Jewish community may be gradually subsiding, projects like Rainbow Jews are leading the way in bringing Jewish LGBT history to the forefront of people's minds.

LGBT Rights and Peace: Why Aren't We Talking About It?

Phil Vernon | Posted 07.03.2014 | UK Politics
Phil Vernon

While it is clearly important for peacebuilders to pay more attention to the marginalisation and repression of LGBT people, it's not always so obvious how we should do so...

Ukip Cllr 'Regret' For Saying Businesses Should Be Able To Reject Women And Gays

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 05.03.2014 | UK Politics

Update: Ukip councillor Donna Edmunds has expresssed "regret" over her remarks. Ukip has described Cllr Edmunds' remarks as "somewhat misguided" and s...

Being a Good Parent Has Nothing to Do With Being Gay or Straight

Jacob Tas | Posted 04.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Jacob Tas

Parents tend to want the same things for their kids - to grow up healthy and happy. Simple. But what do children want from their parents? For thousands of children in the UK who need to be adopted or fostered every year, all they is want parents who will love and care for them.

Why Guys Shouldn't Have to Pay for Girls on Dates

Jennifer Simpkins | Posted 03.03.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Jennifer Simpkins

When I asked a friend in passing if he "went Dutch" with girls on dates, he genuinely thought I was making some sort of grim sexual innuendo. To my utter shock and surprise he hadn't heard of the phrase...