13/03/2017 12:51 GMT | Updated 14/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Depression And The Awareness Being Raised By Stormzy


I'm embarrassed to say until three months ago I had never heard of Stormzy until Clara Amfo played "Shut up" on Radio One.

Since then I've been seduced into the world of Grime music by his honesty and passion for his craft. He has brought the Grime scene to the forefront of the industry helping to unveil huge hidden or not seen before talent.

Music is a huge part of my daily life and always has been. Its brought me through some tough times as a teenager.

I suffered severe anorexia and danced to Madonna until my feet bled, swam like a maniac burning thousands of calories to the beat of songs in my head to maintain momentum and rhythm.

When my head was going a million miles an hour with numbers, fears and suicidal thoughts I would often put on U2, Madonna, Kate Bush, Madness or whatever I had to hand to help me stay calm. It was quite remarkable how much I relied on their words during those days when I felt my life was not worth living.

Music can transport you out of a moment and into another. Everyone has a favourite song they can recall off the cuff. Music is universally adored.

During the illness I was sectioned into an adult acute psychiatric unit and bed bound as I was not allowed to move as I was so ill. The staff caring for me tried to conserve all my energy as every calorie counted. Therefore I was not allowed to walk at all unless to the shower with the nurse and often just a few feet from the bed.

I hated it so much but as a weight restoration plan I was allowed a radio or Walkman for an hour a day if I put on a couple of pounds. This motivated me as I hated being without sounds. Against all odds I started to get well.

As my weight went up I was finally allowed music. It kept me sane in some very dark times.

My weight rose as did the anxiety, depression and years of medication and therapy.

Now as a very healthy and happy mother, wife, mental health campaigner and author I still love all music.

I have written about my experiences in my book 'Seconds To Snap' and this has allowed me the privilege of talking in schools across the UK raising awareness.

Each day you hear people talk about a certain song that takes them back to a particular moment or how it made them feel at the time. Its timeless but full of emotion.

Stormzy literally stormed into my life and opened my ears to another style of music - much to my delight.

As if he could not go up in my estimations any more I saw an interview he did discussing his battle with depression. It was very honest and inspiring for so many others especially young men who tend to hold back about their emotions.

I've since shared it and had a few messages from young men saying how much they resonated with it and how its allowed them to seek help with less fear.

This alone is incredible and shows that raising awareness can indeed save and change lives.

Please keep up all the amazing work you all do in the music industry as it really does help so many through so many moments in life - good and bad.