Karnage Kills is a Grime artist with a difference, the rapper is femme, gay and visible in a genre known for its masculinity. Karnage’s unique way with words has seen him go from underground fringe performer in London to shows across the UK and Europe, performing for gay and straight audiences alike.
White privilege is being absolved of responsibility for reciting violent lyrics – where black people are not, reporter Nadine White writes
Like Corbyn, grime was once a pariah, an unassuming underdog that has risen from the ashes to unlikely mass appeal. Grime was dismissed by the music business as too niche, too grassroots and unrefined. The smear campaign that Corbyn was subjected to during the election campaign by the mainstream press reminds us early grime fans of how "our scene" was dismissed by mainstream radio stations, TV channels and record labels. Grime was even dismissed by its own forbears with house and garage acts dismissing it as a worthy successor; Corbyn was made to prove his worth to the Labour Party in two leadership elections
#grime4corbyn was instrumental in urging thousands of young people to register to vote after this general election was called, and last Saturday (June 3rd) it held three events to further the campaign. Two took place in London - in Tottenham and Dalston - while the Brighton event was also 'popping off'.
Why music strikes a chord.
It’s almost impossible to imagine two leaders on opposite sides of the Middle East conflict rising to give an ovation at
#Grime4Corbyn has revitalized a generation of non voters and we can only hope that the movement continues long after the result of the general election...
Melz says she makes her music political in an aim to prove people of all backgrounds and races care about politics. The 22
Anyone who speaks out about their own mental health issues has the right to control how and where their comments are used, just as they would with any other health condition. Having depression shouldn't define Stormzy, nor should it overshadow every interview he does.