09/02/2017 11:29 GMT | Updated 09/02/2017 11:30 GMT

'Stranger Things' Season Two: Eleven Has New Curly Hair And It's Sending Fans Into A Spin

Hold on to your Eggos!

’Stranger Things’ fans love the shivers sent down their spines by each deliciously unexpected plot twist and the first sneak peek from season two has already sent them into a spin over the revelation of... Eleven’s new hair.

Her shaved head has been replaced, not by Millie Bobbie Brown’s straight hair, but by an abundant crop of curls, according to the cast photo on Entertainment Weekly’s front cover. 

Entertainment Weekly’s Instagram post has attracted a slew of comments including the shouty: “I’M LIVING FOR ELEVENS HAIR.”

And: “HER HAIR IS SO DIFFERENT. TBH she can pull off literally any hairstyle aha.”

To theories about the origins of the curls: “11 went to the upside down to get a perm.”

Twitter was also full of theories:

Brown wasn’t initially told that she’d have to shave her head to play Eleven and her mother wasn’t too happy about it when she found out, as Brown explained:

“I was like ‘Mum, let’s just cut it off, it grows back, it’s not permanent and I need to show how much I’m involved with this character and how much I’m involved with the show.’ I wanted the best for the show and if that’s what I had to do, then that’s what I had to do.”

We wonder what she makes of Eleven’s new look?

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