16/09/2018 09:38 BST

'Strictly Come Dancing': Jeremy Vine Reveals He Was Tricked Into Naked Spray Tan By Aljaž Škorjanec


As we’re sure he would attest, Jeremy Vine had two left feet on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, but it turns out his embarrassment wasn’t just confined to the dancefloor when he was on the show. 

The presenter has revealed how he was tricked into having a naked spray tan by pro dancer Aljaž Škorjanec

Jeremy admitted Aljaž had given him some tongue-in-cheek words of wisdom before his first encounter with the ‘Strictly’ tanning booth, but he took them rather too seriously. 

Jeremy Vine took part in 'Strictly' in 2015

Speaking on Saturday’s documentary about the BBC ballroom show, ‘Strictly The Best’, he said: “I was offered a fake tan, and of course I said ‘yes’, but then I thought ‘I’m not sure what the procedure is’.”

He then revealed Aljaž had told him: “You dance with your whole body, and you tan with your whole body,” which he thought meant he had to have an all-over tan. 

After standing in the tanning booth naked, the penny dropped that he’d been tricked when the tanner told him: “Well, that’s one off my bucket list!”

Aljaž tricked Jeremy into getting a naked spray tan

Jeremy, who was partnered with Karen Clifton on the show in 2015, continued: “So I said, ‘I thought everyone came...’ She said, ‘You’re the first in all these years!’

“Aljaž did me completely, I’m still so embarrassed by it.”

This year’s celebrities should certainly consider this a warning if any of the pros try to pull the same stunt again. 

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ kicks off on Saturday at 6.15pm on BBC One. 

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