04/09/2018 13:25 BST

Jeremy Vine Addresses Claims Roxanne Pallett Interview 'Didn't Push Her Hard Enough'

'This is not pitchfork journalism here, that's not what we do.'

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine has spoken about his recent interview with Roxanne Pallett, specifically his choice to go easy on the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star.

Jeremy was the first person to speak to Roxanne following her departure from the ‘CBB’ house, interviewing her on the first episode of his new Channel 5 current affairs show.

Channel 5
Jeremy Vine on the first episode of his Channel 5 show

During the segment, he spoke to her about her behaviour in the house, specifically the allegations she made about fellow housemate Ryan Thomas, which she conceded was a “mistake”.

However, some viewers felt he’d not given Roxanne enough of a grilling, which he explained in Tuesday’s edition of his new show was due to the fact he felt she was already in a vulnerable position.

Channel 5
Roxanne speaks to Jeremy Vine

Addressing the “flak” he and the show took following the interview, Jeremy recalled: “I’m sitting there thinking, ‘she could take her life tomorrow. She’s in that kind of state.’

“We’ve got all these people carrying pitchforks out there on Twitter and everything who probably want her to die! But this is not pitchfork journalism here, that’s not what we do.”

During her ‘Jeremy Vine’ interview, Roxanne said she “massively regrets” the way she behaved in the house, insisting: “All I can say is in that moment my emotions and thought process was greater than the action, and looking back I absolutely overreacted and I got it wrong.”

“All I want to do now is reassure everyone that I’m well aware that I overreacted, I apologise massively to every single person that I offended, everyone that I disappointed.”

Following this, she filmed an interview with ‘CBB’ host Emma Willis, which aired on Monday night, and led to the presenter winning lots of praise on social media for the way she handled the serious subjects that came up during the conversation.

Watch a clip of the ‘Jeremy Vine’ interview below...

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