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'Strictly Come Dancing': Joe Sugg Admits He 'Expected' Backlash Over His Casting

The YouTuber is also hoping the show will be a 'confidence builder' for him.

Vlogger Joe Sugg has admitted he “expected” the backlash he received after being announced as one of this year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestants. 

Fans of the BBC ballroom show were split over Joe’s inclusion on the ‘Strictly’ line-up last month, with many questioning his merits as a celebrity, given most of his fanbase comes from his work on YouTube. 

While it was a tough introduction into the world of ‘Strictly’, Joe has said he is excited to use the show as a platform to introduce people to YouTubers.

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Joe Sugg received a backlash over his inclusion on this year's 'Strictly Come Dancing' line-up

Speaking to HuffPost UK and other journalists at this year’s press launch, he said of the backlash: ”Do you know what, I was definitely expecting [the backlash]. Obviously I know ‘Strictly’ attracts a lot more of an older audience, so I know there was a lot of people that aren’t going to have a clue who I am.”

He continued: “I thought if they have kids or grandkids or a niece or nephew or stuff, there’s more of a chance [they might recognise him from YouTube]. But it’s been fine.

“I knew it would happen, and what I’m really excited about - and one of the things that also made me really want to do this show - is the thought of getting a younger generation and the old generation on a Saturday night together in front of the TV watching something together as a family. That’s the goal.”

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Joe is hoping 'Strictly' will boost his confidence

Joe also revealed that his own grandparents were one of the major reasons he decided to do the show. 

“They are like huge fans – they love the show,” he explained. “And obviously
they do understand what I do online and stuff, but to them it’s still quite alien.

“But with ‘Strictly they’ know about it, they know all the dancers they know everything about it and so I thought it would be such a nice surprise for them.”

Admitting he his hoping the show will be a “confidence builder” for him as the rest of his pals are at different stages of their lives. 

“All of my friends are getting married, so it’ll be cool to rock up to their wedding and still be the single one, but be the one everyone wants to dance with,” he laughed. 

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ kicks off tonight at 7.35pm on BBC One. 

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