Stacey Dooley Assures 'Strictly Come Dancing' Fans She Hasn't Broken Any Bones, After Sparking Concern On Instagram


‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant Stacey Dooley has given fans a reassuring health update, after sparking fears she’d broken a bone training for this week’s live show.

Stacey’s supporters grew concerned earlier this week when she uploaded an Instagram snap suggesting she’d suffered an injury while rehearsing for her upcoming routine with ‘Strictly’ partner Kevin Clifton.

However, after ‘Strictly’ bosses confirmed that she was still scheduled to perform, Stacey has now put fans’ minds at ease in another social media post.

Alongside a shot of herself in a hospital gown, Stacey confirmed: “Nothing’s broke!”

She added: “The drugs and all the cuppas gonna hook us up! See you Sat! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH TO ALL THE STAFF. You are all bloody amazing.”

Kevin also shared the shot of his “brave partner” on his Twitter page, writing: “Nothing’s broken but very sore. We start training tomorrow. We can do this.”

A ‘Strictly’ spokesperson told HuffPost UK on Tuesday: “Stacey has a bruised rib and needs to rest it for a day. She will be back in training tomorrow.”

So far, Kevin and Stacey have sailed through the competition, scooping their highest score yet in last week’s live show, which saw her channelling Jodie Whittaker for a ‘Doctor Who’-inspired Tango.

The performance saw Stacey briefly taking over as lead in the routine, a first for a ‘Strictly’ Tango, and a nod to Jodie Whittaker’s appointment as the first woman to play The Doctor.

On Saturday, she and Kevin will be the second couple in ‘Strictly’ history to perform a Street and Commercial routine, which will be set to Alicia Keys’ ‘Empire State Of Mind (Part II)’.

See how they and the nine other remaining couples get on in this week’s ‘Strictly’, airing on Saturday night at 7.05pm on BBC One.

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