14 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The Struggles Of Being A Vegan

Tis the season to have your food choices mocked at the dinner table.

Despite there being over 500,000 vegans in the UK, according to the Vegan Society, a plant-based-lifestyle can still be a difficult concept for many people to grasp.

What do you mean you can’t eat cheese?

In celebration of World Vegan Month (November) here are 14 tweets that sum up the eternal struggle of being vegan.

1. Everyone suddenly becoming a nutrition expert and caring about what you eat.

2. Or not caring at all.

3. Having to deal with other people’s meat.

4. People presuming you love every vegetable.

5. Even pasta wants you to fail.

6. Having no literally no options.

7. Having to milk your almonds.

8. Doing the food shop.

9. Packing for holiday.

10. Avocados being sassy and demanding.

11. Nuts taking over your bag, your life and your electricals.

12. Christmas generally being a struggle.

13. Halloween being a perpetual disappointment.

14. Everyone thinking you’re an asshole.

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