14 Moments You'll Only Experience As A Vegetarian

Where my cheese at?

Choosing not to eat meat is a little more complicated than you might think.

Firstly because everyone feels entitled to have an opinion on your vegetarian status, and secondly because burgers really do smell great when you’re drunk.

But that’s not all, these are 14 moments you only experience when you choose to go veggie.

1. People thinking you just eat leaves.

2. Strangers caring a disproportionate amount about what you’re eating.

3. Everyone suddenly becoming an expert on protein intake.

4. And always wanting to justify their own meat consumption when you could give zero f**ks.

5. When you go to a restaurant and mushroom risotto is your only menu option.

6. People who say: “But can’t you just pick the meat out?”

7. Having to explain on a daily basis that no, you really don’t miss bacon.

8. Realising you’ve had three Quorn based meals in one day.

9. And always having a good supply of cheese to hand.

10. Having to take your own supplies to a BBQ/dinner party/anywhere.


11. Disclosing your veggie status to new people and not knowing how they’ll take it.

12. Going on holiday and having to eat chips for 90% of your meals.

13. People being convinced you’re going to try and turn them.

14. Having to explain that just because you’re vegetarian, it doesn’t mean you always want veg - where my carbs at?

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