12 Things You Still Do From Your Uni Days In Your 20s And 30s

Never willingly taking out the bin.

Students have a bad reputation for their horrible habits, but what happens when you leave university and enter the real world?

Despite appearing like you’re bossing adulthood, you still regularly run out of clean underwear and eat meals with three types of frozen beige food because you forgot to go shopping (again).

So sorry students that you are still take the rap for everyone’s inability to grow up...here’s hoping our 40s are a little more successful.

1. Never taking out the bins.

But, bin juice.

2. Only using the iron when you have a job interview.

And buying new clothes based on how badly they crease.

3. Not understanding council tax.

Or presuming your housemate is dealing with it.

4. Eating cold pizza for breakfast on a hangover.

Dominos still text you more regularly than anyone else.

5. Changing bed sheets infrequently.

SUCH an effort.

6. Always forgetting to buy toilet roll.

Having to steal some from a pub.

7. But always being well stocked in supernoodles.

Because, adulting is hard.

8. Pretending to clean.

Only clean visible surfaces, the rest is dead to you.

9. Going out on a Monday night and regretting it for the rest of the week.

But it was sunny.

10. Never being registered with your local GP or dentist.

A two-hour train journey home is definitely more logical.

11. Finding mouldy food at the back of the fridge.

When it’s so decrepit you can’t tell if it started life as a courgette or a cucumber.

12. Wondering at what point someone takes you aside and teaches you how to adult properly.

Why is there no manual for this?

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