Student Housing Advert Slammed For 'Objectifying Women' With Photo Of Semi-Naked Bums

The advert's caption reads: 'Your place or mine?'

A letting company advert showing the nearly bare bums of two women has been branded “inappropriate” and in “bad taste”.

The display on the front of the office shows two women in underwear - each with their hand on the other’s bottom - and the slogan: “Your place or mine?”

Some people initially thought an adult shop was opening on the street in Hull, East Yorks, because of the explicit image.

As can be seen from the picture, the large image completely covers the main office window and shows the women from the waist down.


Once a picture of the ad was posted on Facebook it didn’t take long for social media users to criticise it.

Some said they thought the images initially meant an adult shop was opening in the street, with others saying they find the adverts to be “objectifying women in order to sell students a bit of accommodation”.

Liberal democrat councillor Mike Ross said: “I have received several complaints about the adverts, and I would say businesses need to think carefully about using advertisements to show exactly what it is they are selling.

“It is something that has definitely got the residents talking.”

One resident said: “I hope to bring my sons up to respect women, but how is that going to happen when there are adverts like this in plain sight?”

A spokesman for said: “The images used are from the Advertisement Standards Agency.

“These are not images we have produced ourselves, and we have received more than 20 compliments for using them.

“These images were not used to offend or upset anyone, or objectify men or women, and as a marketing campaign we have reached the targeted market.

“As with any marketing campaign, these images were due to be changed in January, but we will endeavour to look at bringing that date forward.”

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