The Worst Subway Sandwich You Can Possibly Make

'White bread, cheese, and 3 lines of every single sauce. Disgusting.'

Walk into a Subway and you're faced with a bewildering array of options to make a lovely sandwich laden with meat, cheese, salad and any number of sauces.

But what if you went a bit rogue and decided you were going to make your life hell and order the most horrific combo you can possibly imagine?

Well, thankfully someone has asked Reddit just how bad it could possibly be so now there's some inspiration.

The results are truly gag-worthy.

Let's begin with this horror.

Fortunately for anyone lacking in imagination, a current Subway worker then recreated it.

Good Lord.

And it didn't get any better.

This chap kinda got what he deserved.

Then people started branching out into the dessert section.

But back to the savouries...

Then it just got absurd.

And if you want a tale of true, cruel genius, click on this link.

Enjoy your lunch folks.